Discipleship Groups

Making and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ by submitting our lives to God’s word.

What are Discipleship Groups?
Discipleship Groups are small weekly gatherings for the purpose of applying Sunday's Sermon to our lives.  We believe application of the sermon happens best within the context of a supportive community speaking truth and grace.  So we commit ourselves to one another through Membership and by meeting weekly in Discipleship Groups throughout the year.

The format follows the current Discipleship Guide, Acts: Power from on High.  The discussion is not an in-depth Bible Study nor a re-preaching of the sermon. Rather, we consider together how to be doers of the Word and not merely hearers of the Word.

When do groups meet?
To create a context for meaningful relationships and conversations, Men and Women meet in separate groups throughout the year:

Men's Groups:
Monday @ 6:30pm // Damascus
Tuesday @ 6am // Mocha Express
Tuesday @ 6:30pm // SGC Building
Thursday @ 6am // Refuge Coffee (two groups)

Women's Groups:
Tuesday @ 7pm // Zoom Online
Wednesday @ 7pm // Zoom Online
Thursday @ 10am // SGC Building
Thursday @ 6:30pm // Gresham
Thursday @ 7pm // SGC Building

How can I join a group?
To join a group or get questions answered, contact Pastor David: DavidB@SavingGraceChurch.com.