Doctrine for Disciples

Doctrine for Disciples is our weekly classroom teaching time from 9:30 - 10:15.  During these interactive classes, we seek to deepen our understanding of the Christian faith.  While participants will benefit the most by reading the assigned chapters prior to class, anyone can attend and benefit even without doing the reading beforehand.  Childcare is available during this time.

Adult Class
The adult class is currently working through Evangelism, by Mack Stiles.  This book seeks to understand the essential elements of the Gospel message and how they relate to one another.

Middle / High Schoolers
The MS/HS group spends time building community with one another and investigates the Scripture passage for that Sunday's sermon.  The goal is for students to get familiar with and begin exploring the passage prior to hearing the sermon.

Kindergarten - 5th Graders
Our K-5 class spends time interacting and playing together.  We also work on reciting and understanding the week's assigned catechism question from the New City Catechism.

At this time we don't have a class for Preschoolers.  Childcare is available in the nursery which is adjacent to where the adult class meets.