Faithful Entrustment

In accordance with 2 Timothy 2:1-2, the Faithful Entrustment is a 1 year ministry training program designed to equip & entrust faithful men within our congregation to grow in their love of Christ with a biblical vision of the church’s identity, governance, & leadership.  The program is limited to 6 men per year in order to keep the training intentional & manageable.  Our aim is to see men strengthened in their service to the church - whether they remain a part of Saving Grace or get sent out from us.

During the program all participants work through a reading curriculum & write response papers to interact with what they are learning.  They also complete the Simeon Trust “First Principles” course to gain further instruction as preachers & teachers of God’s Word.  When opportunities are given for these men to preach & teach within our congregation, the group gathers afterward to give each other constructive feedback to help us grow as iron sharpens iron.

Because the Faithful Entrustment is deeply integrated into the life of our church - it is necessary for all participants to also be members of Saving Grace during the year they go through the program.  Any men interested in being considered please contact for more information.

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