Statement of Faith

1. What we believe about the Scriptures

We believe the Bible is the Word of God, uniquely inspired by the Holy Spirit, entirely trustworthy and without errors in its teaching.  We believe the Bible is the highest authority for all matters of faith and life.  

(2 Timothy 3:14-17, 2 Peter 3:15-16, Psalm 19:7-11, 2 Peter 1:20-21, Hebrews 1:1-2)

2. What we believe about God

We believe in one God, eternally existing in three equally divine Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  We believe God created, sustains, and rules over all things.  We believe God is worthy of the whole-hearted worship and adoration of all people.

(Genesis 1:1, Genesis 1:26, Deuteronomy 6:4, Psalm 47:7-8, Matthew 28:18-19, 2 Corinthians 13:14, Revelation 4:11)

3. What we believe about mankind

We believe that God created mankind, both male and female, in His own image to glorify Him.  We believe that all of mankind are sinners by nature and by choice in thought, word, and deed.  We believe that as a consequence of sin, sinners have been separated from God and deserve His eternal punishment.

(Genesis 1:26-28, Genesis 3, Isaiah 59:1-2, Romans 3:23, Ephesians 2:1-3, 2 Thessalonians 1:5-10)

4. What we believe about Jesus

We believe in Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, who became man without ceasing to be God.  We believe that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary.  We believe in His sinless life, His substitutionary death, His bodily resurrection, His ascension into heaven, His present seat at the right hand of the Father, and His personal return in power and glory.

(John 1:1-3, John 1:14, Hebrews 1:1-3, Luke 1:26-35, Hebrews 4:15, 1 Corinthians 15:3-8, Acts 1:9-11, Hebrews 7:25, Colossians 2:9, Titus 2:13, Hebrews 9:28)

5. What we believe about salvation

We believe that salvation is a gift of God, received by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  We believe that Jesus Christ died as the substitutionary representative for sinners, so that all who repent of their sins and put their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit and are new creatures.  We believe that such persons have been delivered from condemnation and are justified before God on the basis of Christ’s shed blood alone, and not on the basis of their works.  We believe that the Holy Spirit indwells all the regenerate, progressively maturing them in holiness.  Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.  

(Ephesians 2:8-10, John 3:16, 1 Corinthians 15:3, Mark 1:15, Titus 3:5, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Romans 8:1, Romans 3:24-25, 1 Corinthians 3:16, Philippians 1:25, Colossians 1:28, 2 Thessalonians 1:3, Hebrews 12:10, John 3:36)

6. What we believe about the church

We believe the Church is the new covenant community called by God through Jesus Christ.  We believe the Church is made visible in local churches where believers who have made their faith public in Baptism agree to share in the Lord’s Supper, celebrate the preaching of God’s Word, care for one another’s needs, hold each other accountable to obey Jesus, and spread the gospel to the world.

(Ephesians 5:25-27, 1 Corinthians 1:2, Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 2:41, 1 Corinthians 10:17, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26, 2 Timothy 4:1-4, Galatians 1:6-9, Galatians 6:2, Hebrews 10:24-25, 1 Peter 2:9)
*the Church with a capital C refers to the new covenant people of God in all times & all places.

7. What we believe about the future

We believe Jesus will return to remake the world, reign as King, raise the dead, judge all people, bring eternal punishment to those who remain in sin, and bring eternal joy to those who have turned from sin and trust in Him.

(Revelation 21:5, Hebrews 1:8, Acts 24:15, John 5:28-29, Acts 17:30-31, 2 Thessalonians 1:8-9, Matthew 25:41, Revelation 21:7-8, Revelation 21:3-4)

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